Creator of publics plugins for PocketMine & Co., maker of some apps for various platforms, web tools, and many more things !

Why me?

Fully free !

All of my work remains free, under multiple licenses like the NOTS license (Not Truly Open Source) or the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA v4.0 license.
You can use my tools as long as you don't give them for money without any prior consent.

Protecting your privacy, a real priority

My work is done in such a maner that no tracking will be used without your consent and being clearly notified.
Protecting people's privacy is a part of the cirterias which enhance the quality of a product because it's curtial to keep a free and open internet for everybody and allowing more transparency.

Projects of any size

Projects' size may vary a lot from a project to an another. Discover my projects which took me multiple monthes to create.
Theses projects are diverse starting from extremly complex plugins to applications with an intuitive graphical interface and utitilities websites.

They reviewed my work